Finally we have launched the first edition of our newsletter, that, we believe, will be a new and interesting way of keeping in contact with you.

We have a number of really good news (just to mention, the search engine optimization services (SEO), or the brand new referral program), and thus we wanted our clients and friends to know and learn more about them. We wanted to keep those people who have witnessed our growth and development throughout these past years, and to whom we are really grateful for their kind support, informed about our constant changes.

That is the main reason why we have decided to do this in a newsletter format that gives us the possibility to reach and get closer to you, and that provides our programming, design, and sales teams with the opportunity to inform you about the news we have at LOG.

It is a well known fact that most of the people who do Internet searching do this using the renowned search engines. This can be seen at the statistics of the most visited and used sites of the net which precisely are Google, MSN, and Yahoo!

As a consequence of this shocking fact arises the need of the websites to obtain a better “ranking” at the above mentioned search engines. In short, the better rank a site has, the more traffic it will get, and the equation reads “more traffic is equal to more sales.”

These factors generated a science out of getting better rankings in the search engines, called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). At LOG, we have started to provide this services a few months ago, to allow our clients to have an attractive, functional site, as well as a contact and sales generator website.

If you are interested in our brand new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, please feel free to contact our expert Pablo Ruzic at

Do you need a logo, a brochure, a folder, a flyer, a website or anything related to graphic design or web development? Please call our sales team!

We have started an attractive and productive referral program. Basically this program implies a commission (as a retribution from our firm) over the sales that have been made to the referred client.

This is a great chance for those who want to get an extra income just for recommending our Graphic Design (logos, brochures, Corporate Identities, posters, etc) or Web Development services to their friends, relatives, and known people.

If you are interested in our referral program and its commissions we have to offer you, please do not hesitate to directly contact me at